The people behind Siege are fans of Star Wars, so when a talented toy scale maker approached us to 3D print his own Star Wars designs, we were thrilled! Roy Ang is a fantastic toy scale maker who is looking to 3D printing to help bring his designs to life.

In this particular order, we 3D printed 4 realistic and intricate tiles of Star Wars parts. These beautiful designs were of a 1/72 scale and designed entirely by Roy Ang. Don’t they look amazing?

Such intricate and personalised Star Wars parts are definitely rare and not easy to find, so 3D printing is definitely a good option to use. Simply design your own models, send them for 3D printing and receive the parts quickly at a cost efficient price!

Roy is currently selling these 4 tiles at only SGD22! If you are interested you may contact Roy at , or visit his website to view more of his past works!