Siege worked with a medtech company on a personal blood pressure device from prototype to the mass production of the 3D printed part. This device was specially designed from scratch for better fitting and to make the medical device more compact for part reduction.

Due to the detailed and internal structures of the new design, injection molding was not suitable. Additionally, the quantity of below 5,000 was not cost-efficient for injection molding.

The prototypes were printed several times to check for the accuracy, design and dimensions of the medical 3D printed part. The designs were revised several times to suit the needs of the medical part. After the tolerances and accuracy criteria were met, we proceeded on with the mass manufacturing of the 3D prints. From the time of the first prototype 3D print till the last of the mass manufactured print, it took only less than 4 months – and that includes all the redesigning, rapid prototyping and mass manufacturing!

In the future, we definitely see 3D printing as something that will be integral to the medical industry. 3D printing can enable the customisation of medical devices to individual patients, helping to better suit each patient’s needs.