Singapore prides herself as a country that is safe and secure. Citizens feel safe walking around at night and we are protected by our very efficient and reliable public security system. Siege Advanced Manufacturing worked with a local government provider of public housing to improve on an existing design for a security monitoring infrastructure with the use of 3D printing, from the rapid prototyping process to the mass manufacturing of the finalised design!

The previous design were found to have some flaws that needed to be rectified as soon as possible. With 3D printing, exact design specifications and customisations were possible to be produced. This project required the prototyping and mass manufacturing to be done quickly. Siege therefore helped with the prototyping process by churning out several iterations of the new and improved design. The 3D printed prototypes were produced every 6 – 12 hours, rapidly accelerating the entire prototyping process.

After several iterations, the final design was decided upon and approved, and we proceeded on with the mass production of the new security monitoring infrastructure design. Siege made use of 13 3D printers for this mass manufacturing. In just 2 days, the first batch of 500 casings were produced and sent out! Several orders for subsequent batches were placed thereafter and they were all produced within the deadline given.

With the help of 3D printing, we are able to manufacture highly customised and detailed 3D prints that can help improve the infrastructure of our country for the citizens to continue feeling safe and secure everyday.