3D printing is slowly but surely changing the architecture scene! Gone are the days where an architect needs to build the building models by hand. Now, all you need is a digital file, a 3D printer, and you can get on with other stuff while your model prints by itself! In this article, an architecture firm approached us to print 3D models of their building drafts.

Siege helped the firm to 3D print their building drafts to test out the different texture and also colours of the buildings. Intricate details on each and every window, including all the buildings’ contours were 3D printed within just 1 day at a cost-efficient price. We were also able to control the infill level to adjust how heavy and sturdy the model should feel.

These buildings were 3D printed to give an actual 3 dimensional view of the sample building for better visualisation to the architects and their clients. Now, we are waiting to see the actual building of one of these 3D printed models some day!