According to the product designer’s research, about 10% of Singapore’s population suffer from anxiety and depressive disorders. Hence, Lam Zhi Qiang of Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic’s Product and Industrial Design course designed a wearable, Assurer, that helps to tackle anxiety. Zhi Qiang 3D printed his prototype with us to create this unique wearable that helps the user feel assured and to calm down.


Assurer comprises of several layers of 3D printed parts, from the watch face all the way down to the base, with bezels in between to fit the parts together. The wearable allows for the user to wear it as a watch (it can tell the time as well), provides a pad that can be squeezed to relief stress, lavender scent for calming effects and a vibration to help the user pace his or her breathing. What’s more, Assurer also informs the user’s close ones whenever an anxiety attack acts up.

Zhi Qiang 3D printed with Siege the various parts of his wearable. He chose to 3D print in white PLA at 200 microns, which he later post processed to make it coloured and assembled together into a wearable. With 3D printing, Zhi Qiang was able to customise the size and shape of each part and produce them quickly and efficiently.

3D printing helps bring a product designer’s ideas to reality, all the way from the prototyping to the final product!