Netcon is a vitamin-cum-toy invention by Marcus Sim of Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic. His creation is a vitamin that is contained within a 3D printed connectable toy packaging. The vitamins are available in Vitamin A, B, C and D, and each type comes in a different packaging shape, which allows for the assembling of countless designs, much like Lego. This 3D printed connectable toy packaging is the key feature of his design, in fact, the product name ‘Netcon’ comes from rearranging the word ‘Connect’.


Marcus’ product targets both parents and kids, with the parents being interested to feed their children vitamins, and the kids interested in the toy packaging. Reusing of the packaging as the toy also helps to reduce plastic waste and keeps the children busy and entertained. This toy also encourages children to reduce their high usage of technology and intead communicate and connect with each other more.

Marcus did many rounds of 3D printing prototyping with us to get his connecting parts working. The 3D printed parts allowed him to test for the tolerance, size and dimensions of his packaging. They were 3D printed in the various shapes as he had designed, and also in the different eye-catching colours of Red, Blue, Yellow and Green PLA filament. The 3D printed packaging were also all printed at 200 microns. Once off the 3D printer, Marcus assembled the packagings together to get the final product as he had envisioned.

With each box of Netcon containing one week’s worth of vitamins, parents can rest assure that their kids are getting the nutrition they need. Vitamins are everywhere, yet with a simple tweak in the idea of the packaging and with 3D printing, a new innovative product is created. The children playing with these 3D printed blocks can also be their first step into the world of 3D printing.