Saw Poh Khim of Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic Industrial Design course saw the opportunity to integrate fun and practicality in her teether toothbrush creation. Hoop & Loop is a more hassle-free and enjoyable brushing invention for both babies and their parents, acting as both a toothbrush and a teether. Poh Khim 3D printed her prototype with us.

With 3 different bristles to choose from, Poh Khim 3D printed Hoop & Loop with Siege to demonstrate the patterns of her product. With 3D printing, her customised design of each bristle could be easily printed. Her prototype was 3D printed in PLA filament material, although the actual product is meant to be softer.

With 3D printing, the designer will be able to further customise the size and shapes of the handle and designs of the bristles with ease!