FLO-RE, a creation by Joey Lim of Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic’s Product and Industrial Design course, is a 3D printed essential oil capsule inspired by Thailand’s traditional culture. The product holds the components for essential oil and allows the user to experience the Thailand culture while relaxing.

According to the designer, the Loy Krathong festival is a Siamese festival in Thailand that is celebrated every year. This festival sees the Thais making decorated baskets, a krathong, and floating it with a candle inside away on a river. According to tradition, the people believe that the Krathong symbolises a fresh start, with the basket carrying bad luck away. The lit candle within the basket pays tribute to the Buddha and letting go of the Krathong represents the letting go of one’s hatred, anger and defilements.


In FLO-RE, Joey has included pre-folded paper flowers that act as the floating boat. These are water soluble and will start to dissolve upon contact with water. Light and scent is also included within the capsule. The entire product is user-friendly and requires only 3 steps of activating the light and scent and placing it into the water.


For this project, Siege worked with the product designer to 3D print the capsule holder itself. It is a delightful white capsule with a beautiful floral pattern on the front. This 3D printed essential oil capsule container is unique, with the 4 shelves staggered and opened to reveal the beautiful paper flowers within. 3D printing allowed Joey to customise this capsule with the floral pattern at the front easily. The entire container was 3D printed in white PLA at 200 microns.

With a 3D printed all-in-one capsule such as this, experiencing another culture is now made much easier and more convenient. Various cultures also usually have different unique and iconic patterns to them, such as the floral pattern of FLO-RE or the detailed ethnic prints of India. 3D printing allows for such patterns to be easily recreated onto products, giving a new life and meaning to these products.