‘Savvy’ is the brainchild of Mohammad Nazri Bin Nasir of Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic’s Product and Industrial Design course. For his project, he did a futuristic redesign of the regular office access pass to help solve the issue of interaction and efficiency in an office workspace. A smart security pass with multiple in-built functions, Savvy allows office workers to access building facilities, store data and even interact with fellow office workers.

For his prototype, Nazri 3D printed with us several different parts of Savvy which he later assembled to form the product. The actual product of his idea should have these innovative functions: Personal Storage Drive, Data Transfer, Secured and Protected, Wireless Charging, Bluetooth Enabled and Wifi Enabled. All within the regular office access pass!


With 3D printing, Nazri was able to print out the different parts to have a visual representation of his invention. The weight, dimensions, texture and design could all be felt with an actual 3D printed model, rather than with just a design on the screen. His design was printed in white PLA at 200 microns, which he later post processed to make the finishing smoother. From the charging dock to the casing and smaller components, Siege managed to 3D print it for him within a short timeline. With such high customisation possible with 3D printing, we were able to fit all the different parts of his on the same print bed to 3D print all at once without additional cost.

In his idea, all functions within the pass can be accessed online as well, which greatly aids in the organisation of the information within. How great it would be to have such an office access pass! The day office workers carry such a smart, 3D printed access pass might be soon!