Missy, a smart modular medication system created by Cindy Tan Yue Shan of Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic Industrial Design course, is a step towards helping Singapore accommodate to an ageing population.

Consisting of a modular container paired with a smart app, Missy assists the user to take the correct medication at the specified timings. Cindy 3D printed with us her modular container, with 3D printing enabling her to customise the design to fit the number of modular parts in the container.

Cindy 3D printed the base of her modular system with us in black PLA filament material at 200 microns. The modular container was later assembled with the 3D printed black base to create Missy.

3D printing is able to help create highly customised products to suit the needs of an individual. Especially with Singapore’s elderly ratio rising, 3D printing will be highly applicable in time to come.