FEEL is a sensory learning toy designed by Lim Jun Wei of Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic’s Product and Industrial Design course. Targeted at children aged between 1 and 7 years of age, the toy aims to help them learn the different types of textures through touch. In his final showcase, Jun Wei’s toy design was of enlarged insects. As an insect’s body consists of many different textures, it is suitable to for the children to learn of the different types via this design. For this, the wings of his insect toy was 3D printed.


From the eyes to the legs, body and wings, an insect’s body has many different textures. Some textures that are present in insect would be Fuzzy, Flaky, Bumpy, Silky and Furry. Jun Wei’s creation is a flat-pack of the toy, which the children need to assemble later on. Even without assembling, they are able to learn of the textures right off the package.


Siege 3D printed the wings of his product using FDM printing. With translucent PLA material and at 200 microns resolution, Jun Wei was able to replicate the wings of the enlarged insect toy that he created. The wings that were printed had an intricate design, which were easily 3D printed. Each wing was carefully designed and it was able to be 3D printed and produced within just a day.


FEEL can be replicated as different objects to include even more textures. While the filament of a 3D printing material may be fixed, different textures can be 3D printed if it is designed.