Sherry Loke of Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic’s Product and Industrial Design course designed a innovative set of magnetic building blocks which she named CuBEE. The little cubes are magnetic and uses the NanoPort magnet technology to create. This allows for the power and data transfer from one magnet to another, thus building the the cubes together on a receiver allows for the structure of the design to be recorded and sent to others or to be 3D printed.


CuBEE is able to be built into countless design, just stack the cubes together! For Sherry’s  cubes, they were 3D printed with Siege. Sherry 3D printed hundreds of small cubes with us in white PLA filament material and at 200 microns. Even at such a volume, the cost was low and the turnaround time was short. The product designer later post processed the 3D printed cubes and coloured them too.


CuBEE integrates toy and technology, giving a fresh spin to the typical building block. With 3D printing, the shapes and dimensions of the blocks can be easily customised. Imagine building a special design with your Lego, but it can now be automatically “scanned” and converted into a digital file of your design!