Seow Say Kea from the Product and Industrial Design course in Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic designed an innovative and useful tool, the laptop stand, for corporate workers. Her invention ‘WAKE UP’, is designed to help increase productivity at work in the office. True by its name, WAKE UP helps an office worker to stay awake by targeting 4 human senses – Visual, Sound, Smell and Touch.

This idea incorporates the detection of eye blinks and body temperature to track the exhaustion levels of the worker. By using a combination of LED light flashing, scent and noise cancellation and vibration, WAKE UP targets to help office workers curb exhaustion and feel more awake, thus helping them to meet their deadlines.

This project consisted of Aluminium and Plastic materials and Siege helped to 3D print some of the plastic parts to bring Say Kea’s prototype to life. Many of these 3D printed plastic parts were used in the internal system of WAKE UP, and Say Kea assembled them together to create her productive laptop stand. The iconic and eye catching “WAKE UP” hand rest was also 3D printed.


With 3D printing, Say Kea was able to create customised parts that fit her own idea to bring to life the entire laptop stand. The product name of WAKE UP was also able to be easily incorporated into the parts, personalising the entire product. Internal structures and holes of the plastics parts were also 3D printed without difficulty and quickly, enabling Say Kea to meet her project deadline.


With our workloads increasing and our lifestyles getting busier and busier, WAKE UP aims to help workers achieve their goals daily, with 3D printing enabling this to happen!