The typical office worker of today works in a fast-paced and stressful environment. That’s why Liu Ying of Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic’s Product and Industrial Design created Trance, a specially designed integrated set of 3D printed mousepad, flowerpot and speaker all in one! It provides the office worker with not only a decorative and relaxing item for the desk, but also a monitoring system to remind the worker to rest.


Trance’s flowerpot and speaker are integrated together. With the speaker’s rotational and directional audio system, the user is able to listen to music at his or her desk. The beautiful flowerpot beneath houses small plants with LED lighting to boost the aesthetics of the otherwise dreary work desk. It even comes with a miniature shovel and pot! Additionally, the mousepad has a touch sensor to track how long the user has been working on the computer.

Liu Ying 3D printed her entire prototype with Siege in white PLA filament material at 200 microns. With 3D printing, she was able to create small components such as the shovel and pot, and also the speaker, which has many tiny holes for the audio. 3D printing was able to easily print out her exact design, which she later assembled and covered the white PLA to make it torquoise. 3D printing can even allow Trance to be printed in various colours and shapes to customise to the user’s preference.

Liu Ying’s design is helpful and innovative, and 3D printing was able to help her bring her creation to life!