The typical local working adult today is busier than ever and missing meals for work is not uncommon. Regina Tan Jin En of Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic Industrial Design programme created Portabowl and 3D printed with us to create her prototype.

Convenient, compact and stylish, this food container keeps food fresh for consumption and is even able to open into a bowl. Salad lovers will be delighted with the inbuilt shredder in her design.


For Regina’s design, she 3D printed much of her container with us, including the lid and body. Black PLA filament at 200 microns was used. For her foldable bowl, we went through several rounds of 3D printing to test out the living hinges of her design, testing various filament materials and designs.


Portabowl is great for many working adults and 3D printing can even allow for further customisation of personalised designs or varying sizes for her food containers!