Bake Again is a 3D printed gaming console designed by Ellie Lim of Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic’s Product and Industrial Design course. It is targeted at patients in their early to mid stages of dementia by replicating the real baking experience in a game. Bake Again contains motion-tracking technology and helps the patients reduce anxiety and stress. The movements and behaviours of past activities helps to give these patients a sense of identity and belonging.

Ellie’s gaming console consists of the 3D printed portion which the users interact with, and a paired television that shows the actual activity that is done as the user replicates the action on the 3D printed toy set. Her 3D printed toy set consists of an egg that can be pulled apart, a butter that can be scraped on to simulate the feel and texture of butter, a cap that can be screwed out from the base, and a bowl for ‘mixing’. These activities are typical of a baking scene and helps remind the patients of their past baking memories.

The egg, butter, cap, bowl and hinges were all 3D printed with Siege and assembled together to form the complete 3D printed toy set. The product designer 3D printed all the parts in white PLA at 200 microns. She then post processed them to make them smooth and coloured according to her idea. For example, the egg was coloured an off white and the butter, yellow. 3D printing allowed for Ellie to create her toy set according to her customised design to best aid the dementia patients.


Dementia affects the way a person behaves and lives and Bake Again aims to help these patients. With 3D printing, there can definitely be many other products that can be designed to help out dementia patients.