We have all experienced a friend bailing out on us before. With DDefender, Samsyul Bahri Bin Salmun of Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic Industrial Design wants to create a fair football match for teams with unequal number of players. Siege 3D printed his device’s prototype.

DDefender acts as an extra player in the handicapped team by blocking out an area of space from the team with more players. His 3D printed creation will thus give more leverage to the handicapped team.

From the various triangular parts to the stand, connectors and speakers, Siege 3D printed most of Samsyul’s creation. Using white PLA filament material at 200 microns, Samsyul post processed all the 3D printed parts and assembled it to form the “extra player” he set it out to be.

3D printing allowed for the designer to design his creation to best solve the problem of a handicapped match. We are looking forward to see how 3D printing can be further integrated into sports!