If the world is your oyster, then SteamEdge is your steamer – to bring on your adventures around the world! Ian Tan Wei Chong of Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic Industrial Design programme created a handy steamer for all your travels, and 3D printed his prototype with Siege Advanced Manufacturing.

With its foldable design and a slot in the steam frame to slot in your clothes to steam, it is portable, handy and able to cover a wide surface area of clothes when steaming.


Ian 3D printed many parts of his steamer, including the 3D printed handle and frame in white PLA filament at 200 microns. With the various 3D printed pieces, he then assembled and post processed them to create the final prototype.


With 3D printing, Ian was able to customise his design and improve on existing steamer structures, allowing you to have presentable and nicely steamed clothes for your travels.