Crutches is an ingenious invention, but Hariz Ilmani Bin Zulkefli of Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic Industrial Design course just made it better. His creation, FOLDPAKT, is a specially designed set of crutches for the athletic youth. To create his prototype, Hariz 3D printed FOLDPAKT’s handles, mechanicsms and grips with Siege.

His creation solves a big issue of crutches – it is foldable at the push of a button and easily stored away without obstruction. His crutches also has handy functions such as adjustable overall height and grip distance, and also a revamped handle and grip design.

Wanting to have a minimalist feel with a pop of colour, Hariz 3D printed his various mechanisms and grips in yellow PLA filament at 200 microns, with 100% infill for certain weight bearing parts. His 3D prints were then assembled together with the rods.


3D printing allowed for the designer to customise his solution and target the problem points with the current crutches design!