It is a lot easier to be the next David Beckham when you have a convenient and compact football set to carry around with you. Quek Wee Jun of Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic Industrial Design is a football enthusiast himself and created The Kramist Set for fellow football lovers. Siege 3D printed his collapsible cones for his prototype.

One of the bulkiest parts of a mobile football set are the cones. Wee Jun came up with a silicone cone that can be crumpled and brought around easily. To demonstrate the shape, Wee Jun 3D printed both the compressed and expanded cones with us.

3D printed in red PLA filament material at 200 microns, the designer was able to show how the cones are now handy enough to bring around when compressed, and sturdy enough when expanded. 3D printing allowed him to customise the number of folds amongst other specifications.

3D printing’s highly customisable characteristic will allow for further customisation such as the height, size and number of folds of the cones. We are sure that his creation will garner the interest of football enthusiasts everywhere!