Good Night, don’t let the bed bugs bite… with Good Mite! A creation from Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic Industrial Design student Chew Xiao Wei, Vivian, Good Mite is a vacuum cleaner and steriliser for your bed. Vivian 3D printed her prototype with Siege.

Equipped with a UV light, Good Mite cleans the bed effectively and with a rotatable nozzle, is easily portable too. A brush is also integrated inside to remove dirt!

The designer 3D printed her entire prototype with us, casing and all. With white PLA filament material at 200 microns, Vivian was able to produce her prototype after post processing the 3D prints and assembling them together.

3D printing truly can be used in any industry – who knows, with Good Mite, a 3D print might even be right next to your bed every night!