In today’s busy world, everyone experiences a heavier workload which causes most people to stay sitted in the same place for hours on end. Qing Lian of Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic’s Product & Industrial Design course created TUMBLER, a modern and fun active sitting stool specially created to help the working adults who face this problem. TUMBLER aims to help the user increase their work productivity, while having fun at the same time. Sitting posture, concentration and stress relief are the benefits that can be derived from the usage of Qing Lian’s creation.

Qing Lian’s stool is able to be used either way, with the curved shape at the bottom or the top. It helps with balancing, has a foot rest and is adjustable in height. Technology is also infused with this design and it helps to keep track of the users’ movements. A vibration will also be sent to remind the use to stand or change position to encourage some movement while working. When the curved side is on the bottom, the entire chair can be rocked as well!


Siege 3D printed most of Qing Lian’s TUMBLER, from the sticks to the geometric parts and the flat portion, we used FDM 3D printing with white PLA material at 200 microns. Qing Lian later post processed and coloured it to make it look as it is. Within just a short timeline of about 1 to 2 days, the entire 3D printed design was printed and ready for collection. The parts were then assembled to form the shape.

Qing Lian found that an improved posture frees the diaphragm which allows for deeper breathing and improved circulation. Instead of a rigid sitting posture, TUMBLER now helps the burdened worker to move and stay healthier. 3D printing has enabled the prototype to come to life, and might even be possible to be 3D printed for end use! Additionally, with 3D printing being customisable, different shapes and sizes of the stool can even be printed to suit the different users as well!