What do big holidays here have in common? They have events! And what do events have in common? They always require specific merchandise that fit the theme! Siege Advanced Manufacturing have worked with an events company that focuses on supplying merchandise to corporate companies for the local events.

There are several aspects that lead to 3D printing being the ideal manufacturing method for events merchandise. Firstly, each event often require large quantities of merchandise to be used. Secondly, as the holidays are repeated year on year, to provide a fresh experience, merchandise usually cannot be the same as the previous years’. This means that past products cannot be reused. Thirdly, the merchandise are often customised to each corporate company.

As a result of the above stated conditions, events require contract manufacturers that are able to manufacture and produce the various parts within a short lead time to meet their production deadlines. The conventional manufacturing method of injection molding will often take too long as the mold is required to be created first. In addition to being more costly, the created mold will also be wasted as it cannot be reused for the following year.

Hence, Siege Advanced Manufacturing is the perfect manufacturing company for them to work with as our efficient and reliable 3D printing service is able to supply the highly customised merchandise at a low cost and within tight timelines. Even for quantities within the range of hundreds to thousands, we are able to 3D print and manufacture their merchandise within the short span of just 3 weeks. Over the past few months, we have worked with the events company on several such projects for different festive events.

So the next time you attend an event, look closer, and you may find 3D printed parts in every corner!