3D printing can really help accelerate the process of model making in architecture. Whether it is the entire building, the facade or just a part of the structure, 3D printing is able to produce it in a short time and with much less effort than building by hand. Here, we 3D printed for an architectural studio project in the National University of Singapore.

For this project, we 3D printed 120 sets of columns, with one set consisting of 3 different sizes of columns. That’s 360 columns in total! These were not very big and easy to print, but would definitely be a hassle to model make by hand. Additionally, 3D printing ensures that all the columns stay almost identical (with a small tolerance of course) and of the same height and diameter. Making all 360 by hand would require immense concentration to ensure the consistency is met.

These columns were then propped up to look like a building structure. The finished building model is to be for a building in Semarang, Indonesia. Isn’t it amazing?

We do international registered shipping of our prints as well, so a building model for Indonesia can easily be printed here in Singapore and shipped overseas after it is done. The next time you see an architecture model, take a closer look and you might just find some 3D printed parts!