In another job that we did for Clarins, we 3D printed rabbits for their in-store skincare display in Singapore Clarins stores.

This was a last minute job with a very tight timeline of only 3-4 days. For their advertising collaterals, they requested for varying sizes of rabbits, with a quantity of 60 per size. These customised rabbits were easily 3D printed with our FDM printers within the deadline. With our fleet of 3D printers, we are able to mass manufacture parts and deliver it to the customer efficiently.


3D printing is fast entering the mass manufacturing world, beating the traditional injection molding in several key areas such as the flexibility to customise, lower cost and higher speed.

The next time you are in need of in-store branding displays, or marketing collaterals to include in media kits and marketing gift bags, remember that 3D printing might just be the answer to your branding!