With marketing collaterals and advertisements going from 2D to 3D, and with such a fierce and competitive marketing industry these days, 3D printing can bring your company’s marketing to the next level. Collaterals can be specially designed to fit your brand image and customised to the range of products that is being promoted. 3D printing can then quickly manufacture these collaterals for in-store or event use!

For this job, Clarins wanted to promote their travel sized skincare range and had little luggages to accompany their in-store display.

We 3D printed approximately 400 luggages of varying sizes in just about 2 weeks! Ad advantage of 3D printing is the flexibility of it. We were able to print specific sizes for Clarins without any additional cost to the customisations made. These marketing collaterals were then used in their duty-free shops globally.

With the possibility of customising advertising collaterals to match that of your branding and being able to have it done here locally in Singapore in a cost-efficient and rapid manner, 3D printing will bring a new realm of possibilities to your marketing.