As a child, most of us have probably played with NERF guns before, battling and having fun with our siblings and friends. But did you know that several parts of the NERF guns can be 3D printed as well? We at Siege worked with a renowned NERF gun modifying company to supply them with NERF kits on demand. Take a look at some of the modified 3D printed parts below:

We were able to work on their tight timelines and with short turnaround times, even when the demand and jobs were requested to us on a monthly basis.

Our company also keep a large stockpile of materials of different colours. As the NERF community have rather specific and distinct colours to work with, they usually request for more exotic colours. Our stockpile allowed us to comfortably manufacture and deliver the 3D printed NERF parts punctually as there was no need for us to order the materials required and waiting for the materials to be delivered. With that delay time being cut out, the waiting time on our NERF client’s end was drastically reduced as well.

With our short lead time capability, our NERF client also did not have to commit to very large orders as the 3D printed parts can be produced as and when it is required. This helped them to cut down on their inventory storage costs and costs of unsold products substantially.

The next time you play with your NERF guns, think about all the possibilities 3D printing can add to your NERF playing experience!