Entertain your kids for hours or gift your nieces and nephews with our 3D printed customised blocks! Whatever his or her name is, we can print them all. Or 3D print words that they can rearrange and learn the spelling of – anything is possible!

Siege 3D printed a set of customised blocks for a little boy named Kayden. These blocks were thick and stackable and little Kayden had fun rearranging these 3D printed blocks to form his name in different ways. There is also a wide variety of colours to choose from to suit your child’s preferences. For Kayden, we chose a light blue that is pleasant on the eyes and not too dull for a child. Different colours for each alphabet is possible as well!

3D printed toys don’t stop at just name blocks, you can print many other things as well! If you are new to 3D printing and CAD drawings, you may visit this site www.thingiverse.com for many ready made design files. Just search for a toy that you would like to 3D print, download the file and send it to us for printing. Your customised gift will be ready in no time!