Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her legendary tidying methods. Why not 3D print some useful products to help keep your space neat and tidy? Here are some designs:

  1.     Cable Holder

Your table might be clean after KonMari-ing it, but what about those pesky cables? Keep them neat and organised with this simple yet nifty 3D print design that you can stick anywhere to keep those wires at bay.

  1.     Geometric Desk Container

This 3D printed minimalistic container is handy for you to throw your gadgets and gizmos into, yet aesthetic enough to proudly place on display on your desk. Scale it up or down to fit the items that you want to store in it too!

  1.     Earpiece Holder

For those who have yet to switch to Airpods like us, here’s a 3D print that puts the fun in functional. There are many available 3D designs online for you to choose from and tidy up your wires.

  1.     Simple Book Stand

Discarding of books falls under step #2 of the KonMari method, but there are sure to be a couple of books left after. This 3D printed book stand is minimalistic yet practical to keep your books vertical and neat.

  1.     Desk Organiser

A clean desk is a clean mind, so give your workspace a makeover with this modular desk organiser 3D print! Choose the module that you need and fix them together to get distractions out of your way.

  1.     SD Card Holder

They are useful and often contain valuable information, but oh so small and easily misplaced. Keep all them normal and mini sized SD cards inside this practical holder 3D print.

Don’t have a 3D printer? Don’t fret! You can 3D print with us here: .